Politecnico di Milano | Laboratorio politiche sociali

Costanzo Ranci / principal investigator

Costanzo Ranci is professor in Economic Sociology at the Politecnico of Milano, where he chairs the Social Policy Lab. He has been advisor of many Italian institutions including the Ministry of Social Affairs and the National Institute of Social Security. His current research is focused on social investment policies; long term care policy; school segregation. He has published many books and scientific articles on welfare, social vulnerability, long-term care policy. Among his publications: Ranci, C., Pavolini, E. (eds) (2012) Reforms in Long-Term Care Policies in Europe. Investigating Institutional Change and Social Impacts, New York, Springer.

Giuliana Costa

Giuliana Costa Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in Sociology at the Polytechnic of Milan. Her main research interests are connected to local welfare policies, to the development of long-term care policies and to housing welfare programs and projects. She is currently studying cohabitation models within social policies and aging in place policies. She participates in several research projects funded by the European Union, the Italian Government and other research agencies.

Lara Maestripieri

Lara Maestripieri holds a PhD in Sociology and Social Research. She is Senior Lecturer in Economic Sociology at the Laboratory of Social Policies (DASTU/Polytechnic of Milano). She has been Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellow at the Institute of Government and Public Policies (IGOP) at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (2017-2019), where she is member of the Research group Analysis, Management and Evaluation of Public Policies (AGAPP).

Manos Matsaganis

Manos Matsaganis is Professor of Public Finance at Polytechnic University of Milan. He studied in Athens, York and Bristol, and has worked at the London School of Economics, the Greek Prime Minister’s Office, the University of Crete, and the Athens University of Economics and Business. His current research focuses on the shape of the European social model after the crisis.

Andrea Parma

Andrea Parma is a researcher at the Polytechnic of Milan. In 2012 he obtained his PhD in Applied sociology and social research methodology at the University of Milan Bicocca. Since 2015 he has been collaborating with the Social Policy Laboratory of the Milan Polytechnic. In recent years his research interests focused on economic insecurity, labor market analysis, policy evaluation and school segregation.

Enrica Morlicchio

Enrica Morliccio, PhD in Sociology of Innovation Processes at the Federico II University of Naples, (Italy), is currently Full Professor of Economic Sociology in the Department of Social Sciences.  She is chief-editor of the Journal Sociologia del Lavoro. Among her recent publications: C.Saraceno, D.Benassi, E. Morlicchio, Poverty in Italy, Features and drivers in a European perspective, Policy Press, Bristol, forthcoming September 2020.

Jonathan Pratschke

Jonathan Pratschke is associate professor at the Department of Economic and Social Sciences of the University of Naples Federico II, where he teaches Sociology of work and Sociology of health. He carries out research on the socio-territorial articulation of social inequalities with particular reference to education, work and health conditions. He has published articles and essays on these issues in international journals and edited volumes.

Andrea Bellini

Andrea Bellini is an assistant professor of Sociology at the University of Florence, Italy. His research interests include the theories of class and social stratification, the analysis of middle classes and professions and, more generally, the processes of economic and social regulation. He coordinates the research unit of the University of Florence in the framework of the European project BreakBack, on the theme of trade union representation.

Maria Giulia Montanari

Maria Giulia Montanari is a research fellow at the department of Architecture and Urban Studies (DAStU) of Polytechnic of Milan. Graduated in Labour Sciences, in 2020 she obtained the PhD in Economic Sociology at the University of Milan, with a thesis on the welfare accessibility (unemployment, family and minimum income benefits) of European citizens who move from a Member State to another within the Union.