Università degli studi di Milano

Matteo Jessoula

Matteo Jessoula, Full Professor of Political Science and Director of the PhD programme in Political Studies at the University of Milan. He is Co-director of the International Observatory on Social Cohesion and Inclusion, Reggio Emilia; National coordinator of the Italian team in the European Social Policy Network, and Member of the boards of ESPAnet Europe and ESPAnet Italy. He has published several contributions on comparative welfare states in Italiand and English.

Sabrina Colombo

Sabrina Colombo has a long experience of research in the field of economic sociology. Her research has focused on the study of the Industrial Relations, sociology of work and Higher Education. She studied both national and local collective bargaining and unions’ action. She’s also studying the employers’ associations trends in Europe. Her studies in sociology of work are on labour market regulations and the matching of demand and supply.

Ilaria Madama

Ilaria Madama is Associate Professor of Political Science in the Department of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Milan, where she coordinates the academic minor program in “Diritti, Lavoro e Pari Opportunità – DiLPO” (Rights, work and equal opportunities) and the EuVisions Observatory. Her main field of research is comparative social policy. Currently, her research interests cover policy and political dynamics in the area of minimum income protection, social inclusion and work-life balance, from a comparative and multi-level European perspective.