Università degli studi di Roma La Sapienza

Michele Raitano

Michele Raitano, coordinator of the Local Unit of Rome Sapienza, is Associate Professor of Economic Policy at the Department of Economics and Law. He is managing editor of the Journal of Income Distribution and, as an independent expert, he is a member of the European Social Policy Network (ESPN).

Francesco Bloise

Francesco Bloise received his doctorate in Economics and Finance from the Sapienza University of Rome in 2017. He is currently a research fellow in Finance Science at the Law Department of the University of Roma Tre and a professor of Economic Policy at the University of Urbino Carlo Bo.

Maurizio Franzini

Maurizio Franzini is full professor of Economic Policy in Sapienza, University of Rome and director of the “Menab√≤ of Ethics and Economics”. He is director of the ‘Ezio Tarantelli’ Interuniversity Research Center (CIRET) and between 6 and 2018 he served as President of Istat for 6 months.

Francesca Subioli

Francesca Subioli is a PhD student in Economics at the Department of Economics and Law of La Sapienza University of Rome, interested in wage dynamics and inequality, labor market functioning and intragenerational mobility. She is currently an intern at the Structural Economic Analysis Directorate of the Bank of Italy collaborating with the Labor Markets Division.